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Friday, March 30, 2001


I have lived in Carlisle for six months and am puzzling over an issue that has apparently caused rifts between residents off and on for at least 25 years. In a word: footpaths. Granted, I'm a newcomer, but if you can forgive me for that, I'm hoping it might be interesting to consider a newcomer's perspective on the subject. (At least I can provide some enlightenment for other new residents who don't understand the issue, as I didn't before writing this piece.) Learning about this subject has been fascinating, leading ultimately to a greater understanding of the fierce devotion that all residentsboth those opposed and in favor of footpathsfeel for the treasure that is Carlisle. Even more than before, I feel proud and privileged to live here...more

The basement flooded during the big rainstorm last week. Two feet of snow, coupled with the downpour, was just too much for the sump pump to handle. The few inches of water that were a nagging worry on Thursday evening rose overnight to a few feet of disaster by Friday morning. I put off checking the basement that morning until about 10 a.m. because I was afraid of what I would find and knew I didn't have a very good solution. Like trying to buy a snow blower during a blizzard or an air conditioner during a heat wave (both of which I have tried to do), I knew looking for a pump to buy or rent on Friday would be hopeless. When I did finally venture downstairs, I found boxes of baby pictures, computer monitors, our wedding pictures, college term papers and grade school report cards, all the stored memories that I thought were safe because I had saved them and put them in boxes, floating aimlessly around in the overnight lake...more

Dr. Sylvia Rimm knows more than most people about success. She had a book, See Jane Win, on the New York Times bestseller list last year. "I never expected that when I was a little girl who loved to write," said Rimm. She humbly credited her achievement and the publication of her new book How Jane Won to another woman, Oprah Winfrey. When appearing on the television show to discuss See Jane Win, Rimm recalled, "Oprah called my book a 'ground-breaking book.' " Very quickly it became a bestseller as well...more

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