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Friday, March 30, 2001

Mosquito Mail

Sell and move now?

To the Editor:

Look out Stearns Street, the wrecking ball is coming! An older small ranch will bite the dust to make way for a "best of the best" 5,300 square foot, five-bedroom monster mansion. And with it unfortunately goes the neighborhood. The rest of the homes on the street will look like sharecropper's shacks compared to this "Tara." But look on the bright side, neighbors, you don't have to bother to keep your smaller older homes in good condition for the time when you want to sell your property. Don't bother to put on a fresh coat of paint or a new roof, heck, don't even bother to clean the leaves up or cut your grass. The wrecking ball doesn't care. And heaven forbid you should waste your money improving your home with a small addition; new construction is harder for the wrecking ball to demolish.

And don't mistake the ice on the street for the drool of the salivating real estate agents just waiting for you to put your house up for sale. They are going to make double commissions; once when they sell your house and again when they sell the monster mansion that will be built on your land. As for the developers, they are too busy trying to out-do each other for the biggest and best mansion designs.

And once you've sold your property, you'll have to move out of town because there won't be any other homes for you to buy, unless you can qualify for a low-income family home that will be built on the Town Forest or any other parcels of land that the town can find to sacrifice in an attempt to stop this suburban sprawl. Because you know who will be buying the monster mansionsthe real estate agents and the builders. Well, maybe a few will be bought by some status hungry newcomers. But I bet they won't be at Town Meeting.

So I think all of us who own small older homes can just save ourselves a lot of grief and pack it in now. Sell and move while the wrecking ball is hungry. Or we could stay and fight, deed our homes to the kids, put a design restriction on the sale of our property, or help our town officials come up with a counterattack. The alternative is a town made up of mansions and projects. Is that what you want?

Susan D. Granger
Baldwin Road

Nominations sought for community chest award

To the Editor:

The board of directors of the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest wishes to recognize and perpetuate volunteer service. We welcome nominations for the Annual Distinguished Volunteer Service Award.

A high school student in Concord or Carlisle, who has demonstrated initiative and commitment to a volunteer project within the area of human services, is eligible. For example; this award has been given in the past to students who have provided exceptional service in a hospital setting, caring devotion to those in a nursing home, weekly preparation and serving of meals in a soup kitchen and one-on-one work with special needs children.

Application forms have been sent to all local high schools, and may also be obtained by calling the Community Chest office at 369-5250. The application deadline is April 13.

Susan Sardina, board of directors
Concord-Carlisle Community Chest

Thanks for helping seniors

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Oliver Bojanic, Jared Higgins and Michael Johnson for taking time out from their recent "snow day" to help out some local senior citizens. These Boy Scouts went to the Carlisle Village Court and helped to shovel out after the recent 20-something-inch snow storm.

Thank you, boys, for performing this public service.

Susan Evans
COA Outreach

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