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Friday, March 30, 2001

The Carlisle Fire Department performed 21 pumpouts on Thursday, March 22 and 8 more pumpouts the next day as rains continued to fall. Fire department captain David Flannery said Carlisle's three pumps were kept going round the clock and fire department crews kept them going as Carlisle bailed and pumped its way out of record rains, thaw and high water. Neither fire nor police departments reported emergency situations that regular crews and pumps couldn't handle...more

GUSHING FORTH. During the heavy rainstorms last week, water flowed through the underground utilities at Buttrick Woods and spouted up out of the conduits across Concord Street, ten feet above the ground. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)
On Tuesday night, selectman Mike Fitzgerald opened his board's discussion of the Concord-Carlisle High School budget by reporting the Concord FinCom has changed its guideline to meet the Carlisle guideline put forward last week. For Carlisle, that guideline allows a 12 percent increase in our share of the school budget, significantly less than the 21 percent requested by the school. At the level of agreement between the two FinComs, the school would be forced to cut approximately $950,000 from its proposed budget...more

A tightly reasoned presentation by conservation commissioner Jo Rita Jordan has swayed the currently cost-averse board of selectmen to let the town decide the fate of the Greenough Pond. On March 13, they agreed to reinstate an article on the Warrant for the May 14 Town Meeting that requests $13,050 for an engineering study of the Greenough Dam. The dam is a 70-year-old man-made structure that holds back the flow of Pages Brook to form the largest open-water pond in Carlisle and to enrich extensive wetlands upstream...more

The search committee seeking a new principal for the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School interviewed six candidates for the job in open meetings over the last week. On Tuesday, the committee selected three of these candidates as finalists. Chosen were Arthur Dulong, Pamela Culver and Peter Badalament. The six semi-finalists had been chosen from 13 applicants that the committee had interviewed privately...more

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