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Friday, March 30, 2001


Concord not budging on CCHS budget

On Tuesday night, selectman Mike Fitzgerald opened his board's discussion of the Concord-Carlisle High School budget by reporting the Concord FinCom has changed its guideline to meet the Carlisle guideline put forward last week. For Carlisle, that guideline allows a 12 percent increase in our share of the school budget, significantly less than the 21 percent requested by the school. At the level of agreement between the two FinComs, the school would be forced to cut approximately $950,000 from its proposed budget.

In a meeting with regional school committee members, Fitzgerald discovered the committee intends to go to the floor of Concord Town Meeting with their budget as it stands, offering no concessions to the Concord FinCom guidelines. Frustrated at the refusal to negotiate or compromise, Fitzgerald said, "l don't believe there's significant support (in Concord) to go with an all-or-nothing approach." He added, "Concord has less experience with override situations (than Carlisle). They really believe if they put it out there, people will accept it." If the high school override in either town fails, the other town automatically funds the school at the non-override amount, even if its own override passes.

Decision to be made April 3

The selectmen struggled to come up with a counterproposal but were stymied by a lack of information. They deferred a decision until their meeting April 3. At that time they will invite the regional school committee for the purpose of determining an amount for the second level of override.

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