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Friday, March 30, 2001


Water, water everywhere as Carlisle pumps out

The Carlisle Fire Department performed 21 pumpouts on Thursday, March 22 and 8 more pumpouts the next day as rains continued to fall. Fire department captain David Flannery said Carlisle's three pumps were kept going round the clock and fire department crews kept them going as Carlisle bailed and pumped its way out of record rains, thaw and high water. Neither fire nor police departments reported emergency situations that regular crews and pumps couldn't handle.

Flannery said the fire crews assisted homeowners in every way possible, from advising, to pumping, to lending an auxiliary pump when the regular pump couldn't keep up with the flow. Everyone had a wet basement story and more than a few were without hot water until their plumbers came. One household had two feet of water in the basement and water coming in so fast that even with two pumps going they couldn't get ahead of the water. By 6:30 on Thursday night there were enough calls that the police dispatcher checked on the location of the existing pumps and everyone looked for lower ground to receive the outflow from their flooded basements.

Some roads had streams coursing over them, and Russell Street, North Road and Milne Cove Road were closed, as was Church Street for a brief period. Branches were removed from the roadways and most people kept their eyes open for possible widow makers hanging in the trees overhead. DPW was also busy dealing with flooded roadways.

The Spalding Building addition, which was built in 1963, had water coming through the foundations and numerous roof leaks, some of them caused by ice moving across the roof and tearing up the flashing. The Corey Building also had leaks.

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