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Friday, March 23, 2001


Selectmen reject CCHS budget

Last Tuesday the selectmen reviewed the proposed FY02 school budgets, which will determine the size of the inevitable "override" of Proposition 2-1/2, which limits annual budget increases. The numbers are particularly staggering this year as both schools have asked for double digit percent increases over their FY01 budgets. As proposed, the combined budgets would require a $478,000 override, with $150,000 for the Carlisle Public School (CPS) and $328,000 for Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS). It was the massive 21.0% increase that CCHS is asking from Carlisle that drew heavy fire.

After discussing the "chasm" between what CCHS is asking and what the selectmen are willing to support, FinCom chair Simon Platt suggested that a 12% increase over last year would be a level that the FinCom "could digest."

Asked by Selectman Vivian Chaput how the high school will view the 12% limit, FinCom chair Simon Platt responded "Catastrophic! The sun won't shine. Our children will not be educated." In fact, a reduction in Carlisle's share to 12% would challenge the high school to reduce their overall budget by $1 million.

A joint meeting of the Carlisle and Concord finance committees and the regional school committee was schedule to meet last night to work on a compromise budget.

While the FinCom had not yet voted on the proposed Carlisle School budget, Platt stated, "I'm reasonably optimistic we would give it a positive recommendation."

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