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Friday, March 23, 2001

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Scouts need encampment director

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Service Team is currently looking to fill our volunteer encampment director position. It is a great position for someone who likes to camp and work with other leaders and girls in town. This position does require the individual to be registered as a Girl Scout ($7) and take some training that is provided for free by Patriots Trail Girl Scout Council. On April 15, camping registration opens for the fall encampment sites. As you can see, we need to fill this position immediately. If anyone is interested, please give me a call (371-9029) to discuss this further. We would love to have you join our team as the girls look forward to participating in their annual town-wide encampment.

Linda Fabrizio
Patch Meadow Lane
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CAHI supports Community Preservation Act

To the Editor:

Carlisle Affordable Housing, Inc. supports the passage of the Community Preservation Act at the 2 percent level by the Town of Carlisle with the understanding that initially the majority of the funds so raised will be directed for affordable housing. With the exception of $30,000 expended for planning for housing on the Conant Land, the Town of Carlisle has not spent anything to build affordable housing since the building of the Carlisle Village Court in 1981-82.

The CPA at the 2 percent level would allow Carlisle to raise up to $180,000 per year of which up to 80 percent could be spent to construct affordable housing. For the first year it is highly probable that the Commonwealth will match 100 percent of whatever we raise and in the ensuing years the match will most likely decrease as more towns join the CPA. Unlike most projects undertaken by the town, the bulk of the funding for affordable housing will come from federal and state grants and mortgage financing which together with the CPA matching funds greatly leverage the funds raised by the surtax.

There are two reasons to build affordable housing in Carlisle now.

The most compelling reason is that there is a critical shortage of affordable housing in Carlisle and eastern Massachusetts. A house in Carlisle is out of reach for many who grew up here and for nearly all of the employees of the Town.

Another reason is to prevent loss of local control due to a developer using a comprehensive permit. Carlisle, with only 1.2 percent of its housing units in the "affordable" category, is not in compliance with Chapter 40B of the Laws of the Commonwealth which requires that 10 percent of the housing in a community be affordable. If the state determines that we are not making sufficient progress toward becoming compliant, then it will allow such a development even if it is rejected locally.

We of Carlisle Affordable Housing, Inc. seek your support of the Community Preservation Act at the Special Town Meeting on April 10 and at the Town Election on May 22.

Edward H. Sonn,
Carlisle Affordable Housing, Inc.

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