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Friday, March 16, 2001


Basketball season a winner for Carlisle Middle School teams

Carlisle Huskies League Champions
The Carlisle boys' basketball team began the season with high hopes and they did not disappoint anyone. With six returning and four new eighth graders, the team was experienced and talented.

With the exception of an early one- point loss to Shirley, the team had a perfect record and finished the season with nine straight wins for a 10­1 record.

Even though this was a team dominated by eighth graders, the team also had four very talented sixth and seventh graders. The two sixth graders, Welles Mattson and Eric Zuk, played aggressive basketball and got some good experience during the year. Seventh- grader Connor Smith was outstanding on defense, handled and shot the ball well. Cory Robart was considered Mr. Offense for his quick and accurate shooting.

The sixth and seventh graders were a real asset to this team, but it was the hard work and leadership of the eighth graders that made this team what it was.

Ryan Duff was one of the outstanding players. He led the team in steals and was one of the leading scorers. Matt Phillippo just got better with every game. He was the team's leading shot blocker and another one of the top scorers. Jeff Pan and Brian Yu were the team's defensive specialists. They could score whenever an opening was presented but with their quickness, they could shut down any other team's top scorers. Greg Cosia and Will Lamb were both excellent rebounders, which proved valuable in close games. Greg's outside shooting and pinpoint passing was also a real plus for this team. Jason Fidler was an all-round talented player. He was a great scorer and rebounder and his leadership was instrumental to the team's success. Justin Negrin was another all around player. He would do whatever was asked of him. He was a good defensive player, rebounder, and shooter. In our one-point loss to Shirley, with under a minute to go, Justin hit a three-point shot to put Carlisle within one point. Steven Bodnar was a terrific player on this team. He was often asked to run the offense by calling out the play and to bring the ball up the court against a pressing defense. Steven was also a good shooter. Matt Gentile was a hard-working player who could shoot and rebound. Matt also won the three-point shooting contest.

This was an exciting and rewarding season thanks to the hard work of all those involved. A special thanks to Elise Mostello and Alison Probolus, our managers, who did an excellent job throughout the season. Another thanks to Mr. Friedlander and Peter Hantzis for their coaching help.

Girls' basketball team wins league championship
The Carlisle girls' basketball team played consistently well this season, ending up as league champions! Combining a great attitude toward the game with hard work in practice gave this team strength and depth which paid off throughout the season. This team should feel proud of its efforts.

In league play they finished with a record of eight wins and two losses. Three non-league games were played at the start of the season which the Huskies also won. Despite injuries and sickness which threatened to weaken the team, the girls played well against some very tough opponents. The two losses were extremely close games with Carlisle losing by only one or two points. Notre Dame Academy was the toughest opponent. In the first game Carlisle won 24-20 at home. The second game was played at Notre Dame, with Carlisle losing 33-34. In other games, the Huskies dominated the play. This team's defensive play was excellent, while its offensive abilities improved throughout the season.

Returning eighth graders Nicole Koehlert, Sam O'Keefe, and Allie Robbins did a great job leading the team throughout the season. Nicole played fierce defense with her consistent rebounding and her ability to shut down baseline shooters. Working throughout the season to perfect her own baseline shot, Nicole was an asset to the offense. Sam had a wonderful year as the point guard and ran the offense with her speed and toughness. Sam proved to be unstoppable with her drives to the basket and great lay-ups. On defense, steals and fast breaks were Sam's specialty. Allie Robbins put in great work and effort as an all around team player. Her defensive and offensive rebounding were excellent. At center, her turn and shoot move was her strength. Eighth graders new to the team this year were Casey Freedman, Annie Pauler, and Nikki Reed. Casey played strong defense, providing steals and rebounds. Annie, despite a mid-season injury, played great defense with her guarding and rebounding. Nikki Reed was a solid all-round player with great defensive skills and an ability to make steals.

Returning seventh grader Jill McElligott played fiercely throughout the season. Her aggressive play on both offense and defense got the team fired up and kept them going during many games. On several occasions, she led the team by playing the point guard position. Seventh graders Marie Benkley, Susanna Fardy and Jenny Zywiak were great additions to the team. Marie played well on both offense and defense. Susanna played strong defense with good rebounding. Jenny also provided strength to the team with her great defense and excellent rebounding.

Pami Anderson, Lisa DeBruzzi, and Sarah Kennedy were the three sixth graders on the team. Pami played solid offense and defense and filled in wherever she was needed. Lisa played aggressively on both defense and offense, adding spark to the team. Sarah showed a lot of hustle with her great offensive play. Rachel Grean, Cheryl Davis, Laura Clark, and Olivia Vienneau helped during both practices and games as the managers, and put in a lot of hard work.

This was such a great season! This group of girls showed so much enthusiasm, great teamwork, and an ability to have fun while working hard. Congratulations! Good luck to the eighth graders in the high school next year. At the middle school, the Huskies are looking forward to another great season next year.

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