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Friday, March 9, 2001


The town lost power and the police switchboard fielded over 400 calls as approximately two feet of snow, accompanied by gusty winds, fell during the Monday and Tuesday snowstorm. Carlisle and Concord-Carlisle schools were closed on Monday and Tuesday amid predictions of "the storm of the century." However, the big storm of '01 was relatively easy on Carlisle. Some branches came down, there were reports of arcing electric wires, cable TV was out most of Tuesday evening, but nothing occurred that a bunch of Yankees with jugs of water, kerosene lights, candles and shovels couldn't handle. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) had given the police department an early alert before the storm hit and they were ready for a full response and adequately staffed to meet whatever emergencies developed. ...more

The state department of environmental protection (DEP) has written a letter to the Carlisle Congregational Church disagreeing with the information on measured flow rates for a septic system for the new church addition. Engineer Joe March of Stamski and McNary had provided flow rates for the sanctuary, using data from the new St. Irene Church. DEP pointed out that the septic plan must account for flows from all church facilities, including the sanctuary, the fellowship hall which includes a kitchen, and the school, as all of these facilities could be used on the same day. ...more

Who says town meetings are dull? Fifteen town residents, three cell company employees, three lawyers, and one selectman all attended the March 1 meeting of the Carlisle Board of Appeals (BOA). The full board, chair Terry Herndon, clerk Midge Eliassen, member Scott Batchelder, and associate members Hal Sauer and Shann Kerner heard the revival of Nextel Communications' application to install a wireless communications facility with a100-foot pole at 1 River Road. ...more

(Omnipoint subsequently indicated interest to co-locate at 80 feet.) ...more

· Progress on school loop. Deb Belanger of the bike and pedestrian safety committee reported that snow has prevented Landtec from beginning engineering work on siting pathways to form the school loop. If snow melts and the work is completed, her committee will plan a public meeting before Town Meeting to present the siting and to discuss the impact on abutters. ...more

· Raggs hauling license. A newspaper article reported that Raggs septic service, also known as E. A. Comeau of Concord, has been found guilty of mail fraud, as well as dumping sewage pumped from septic tanks into the Concord sewer system. Board chairman Steve Opolski said that until the board receives official notice it will not act on suspending the hauling license. ...more

· Three Warrant articles. At its February 27 meeting the planning board voted to request three Warrant articles for the annual Town Meeting, anticipating possible changes to the wireless bylaw. Board chairman Michael Epstein explained that there seemed "to be a disconnect" between the language in the town bylaw and the planning board's recently adopted Rules & Regulations. The current bylaw mandates a full review of all changes and modifications to wireless facilities no matter how minor. Member Kate Reid explained that the overall intent of the bylaw change is to encourage an informal review by the planning board of proposed minor modifications. ...more

The Carlisle Board of Selectmen has set April 10 as the date for a Special Town Meeting to consider whether to place a referendum on adopting the Community Preservation Act (CPA) on the ballot for the May 22 town election. At their next meeting on March 13 the selectmen will draft a Warrant article proposing the tax surcharge and possible exemptions. ...more

term bonds in anticipation of community preservation revenue, but cannot use community preservation money for debt payments incurred before adopting the act, even if that debt meets CPA requirements. ...more

If you are concerned about having your runaway horse, pony, pot belly pig or other large animal returned more easily to your barn, send in a color photo of your animal to: Town of Carlisle, Animal Inspector and Field Driver, 66 Westford Street, Carlisle, MA 01741. ...more

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