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Friday, March 9, 2001


Shorts from the planning board

· Three Warrant articles. At its February 27 meeting the planning board voted to request three Warrant articles for the annual Town Meeting, anticipating possible changes to the wireless bylaw. Board chairman Michael Epstein explained that there seemed "to be a disconnect" between the language in the town bylaw and the planning board's recently adopted Rules & Regulations. The current bylaw mandates a full review of all changes and modifications to wireless facilities no matter how minor. Member Kate Reid explained that the overall intent of the bylaw change is to encourage an informal review by the planning board of proposed minor modifications.

The remaining articles cover minor changes such as renumbering or typographical errors in the bylaw.

· Hart Farm Estates. Michael Kenny, developer of Hart Farm Estates off Curve Street, appeared before the planning board to request the release of lot 9 in the development. The board requested that Kenny file another grading plan that specifies that a retaining stone wall be built out of "natural stone material." Kenny proposed that the wall be graded and reduced to a four-foot height, as opposed to the six-foot wall shown on the plan. The board explained that such a change would require an amendment to the plan. Member Louise Hara was encouraged that overall "a four-foot wall is better for the town" since a trail passes directly by the wall. The board voted to release lot 9, which leaves one lot remaining (Lot 8).

· Complaint filed in Land Court. The Carlisle Planning Board and fire chief Robert Koning were named in a complaint filed in Land Court on February 13, 2001 seeking rescission of the Maplewood Definitive Subdivision Plan. The complaint alleges that the planning board approved a subdivision plan that did not correctly identify the owners of the land to be subdivided. The complaint filed by Janet L. Sacks and Martin C. Shafer asserts that the property line is not correctly shown on the Definitive Subdivision Plan. Secondly, they believe that a portion of the subdivision is located on their land. Since they were not named in the application to the planning board as owners, the granting of the subdivision approval should be nullified.

Separately, the planning board discussed the scheduling of a final inspection of the Maplewood subdivision on Acton Street in anticipation of a request for a certification of completion. Chairman Epstein suggested that, in light of the Notice of Complaint, the board first seek town counsel's advice on how best to proceed with both matters.

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