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Friday, March 9, 2001


Shorts from the board of health

· Raggs hauling license. A newspaper article reported that Raggs septic service, also known as E. A. Comeau of Concord, has been found guilty of mail fraud, as well as dumping sewage pumped from septic tanks into the Concord sewer system. Board chairman Steve Opolski said that until the board receives official notice it will not act on suspending the hauling license.

· Revoked septic plan. The board of health voted to revoke a septic plan for lot 5 Carriage Way. The conservation commission has determined that there is a vernal pool on this lot and the state title 5 rules specify 100 feet setback from such pools. Although the pool is not wet all the time, it is sufficiently wet to allow a plant and animal life cycle which should not be disturbed. Both Engineer Joe March and conservation commission agent Sylvia Willard have been to the property and determined that there is a vernal pool, although it was not identified on the wetlands map for the town. Frado said the builder will have to get a private consultant who handles these matters to determine the extent of the pool. Board of health administrator Linda Fantasia said the builder will have to then resubmit the septic plan.

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