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Friday, March 9, 2001

Carlisle college students make the fall Dean's List

The following students were named to the Dean's List:

· Cheryl Oyer of Stoney Gate, at Westfield State College

· Sean Coletta of Laurelwood Drive, at Tufts University

· Sarah Lyman of Cross Street at Tufts University

· Michelle Kudirka of Bellows Hill Road at the University of Vermont

· Michael Daly of School Street at UMASS Amherst

· Caitlin Hoffman of Old Quarry Drive at Columbia University

· Smita Sihag of Ember Lane at Columbia University

· Kathryn Meyer of East Riding Drive at Providence College

High honors


Bennett, Ashley

Cheng, Marissa

Daly, Michelle

Felch, Julian

Saylor, Carlyn

Tung, Christina


Abend, Brian

Casey, Anna

Coscia, Kristina

Feldt, Megan

Kapadia, Roshni

Lee, Brian

McCandless, Melan

Pinsky, Aaron

Shieh, Emily

Walsh, Brian

Wight, Kathryn


Anderson, Jaclyn

Babine, Meredith

Buchwald, Carolyn

Carr, Nora

Chapman, Daniel

Chateauneuf, Michael

Cole, Rebecca

Goldberg, Serena

Hart, Quentin

Hendrickson, Justin

Hwu, Derrick

Lee, David

Martini, Joseph

Morse, Jennifer

Mostello, Andrew

Phillips, Cait

Roberts, Megan

Schweer, John

Till, Jeremy

Yu, Stephen


Anderson, Kimberly

Armistead, Nicoll

Bryant, Laura

Eaton, Meredith

Hoffman, Daniel

Hsieh, Caleb

Nock, Jessica

Richards, Lisa

Siegel, Jennie

Stephens, Mark



Babine, Nicole

Connors, Jennifer

Davis, Joshua

Goehring, Susan

Holt, Rachel

Irwin, Jessica

Khederian, Kristi

McCann, Jennifer

Rolando, Elizabet

Shean, Katie

Smith-Petersen, Robert

Yousefian, Charis


Bilotta, Jennifer

Boardman, Andrew

Boule, Brian

Breuing, Andreas

Decatur, Mary-Ann

Fardy, Stephanie

Fiorentino, Chris

Gould, Samuel

Holleman, Stephan

Kapadia, Roshni

Kilfoyle, Kristen

Mollo-Christensen, Elizabeth

Przyjemski, Karin

Robart, Alison


Abend, Lauren

Bryant, John

Finizio, Michael

French, Brian

Higgins, Marilee

Knopf, Ann Eliza

Lamb, John

Levine, Jessica

Mancini, Michael

Orlando, Elizabeth

Trebino, Jennifer

Wallhagen, Eric

Webster, Thomas

Yonaitis, Christo


Alexander, Andrew

Bojarski, Emeric

Clark, Robert

Haggerty, Meredith

Hailer, Robert

Kyle, Jonathan,

Modeen, Susan

Pan, Jonathan

Patterson, John

Quinn, Caitlin

Rao, Amanda

Siegel, Charlotte

Tarr, Joslyn

Zywiak, Alexander

Carlisle Colonial Minutemen seek new members

Men and women, boys and girls are invited to join the Carlisle Colonial Minutemen to help remember the past and bring history to life. This friendly group is open to anyone willing to dress in period costume and participate in Patriots Day activities. Current members range in age from eight to eighty (give or take) and between them have enough extra costume pieces to outfit a few more people. They also have information for buying or making costumes.

In recent years the Minutemen have had a small fife and drum group and they are seeking more fifers and drummers. Fife and drum practices are taking place most Sunday afternoons from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Sleeper Room between now and Patriots Day on Monday, April 16. The Minutemen can provide a fife and lessons to anyone who is interested.

Every Patriots Day the Minutemen lead a parade of Carlisle citizens on a walk through the woods along the route the original minutemen took to Concord. At the Old North Bridge the Carlisle Minutemen join others from surrounding towns who gather on the hillside as they did in 1775. The original battle is symbolically reenacted and then the minutemen join the Concord parade for the march through the center of Concord. The Carlisle Minutemen also lead the annual Memorial Day parade, and march in the Old Home Day parade in Carlisle. They participate in regional activities such as the Bedford Pole Capping as time and interest allow..

For more information,call Scott Evans at 371-0880 or

Carlisle students to perform concerts with Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras (GBYSO)

Six Carlisle residents, Roshni J. Kapadia, Stephen Yu, Brian Abend, Julian Felch, Brian D. Lee, and Nicholas Rubenstein, have been chosen as members of the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras (GBYSO) for the 2000/01 season. GBYSO, an independent organization housed at Boston University's School for the Arts, offers a variety of musical opportunities for young performers throughout New England.

Depending on their level of experience and musical interest, students can perform with the Senior Orchestra, the Repertory Orchestra, the Junior Repertory Orchestra, or the Preparatory String Orchestra. GBYSO members come from all six New England states to rehearse weekly from September through June at the University's School for the Arts and perform each year throughout the Boston area and on tour.

Roshni Kapadia plays the clarinet for the Repertory Orchestra and has studied the instrument for eight years. She is the daughter of Jamshed and Rita Kapadia of East Street. Stephen Yu plays the violin for the Senior Orchestra and has studied the instrument for nine years. He is the son of Joseph and Dora Yu of Rutland Street. Brian Abend plays the trumpet for the Repertory Orchestra and has studied the instrument for six years. He is the son of Michael and Kathy Abend of Maple Street. Julian Felch plays the trumpet for the Repertory Orchestra and has studied the instrument for nine years. Brian Lee plays the violin for the Senior Orchestra and has studied the instrument for twelve years. He is the son of Dr. Kikyu and Helen Lee of Cutters Ridge Road. Nicholas Rubenstein plays the french horn for the Repertory Orchestra and has studied the instrument for six years. He is the son of Burt and Kathy Rubenstein of Nickles Lane. They are all students at Concord-Carlisle Regional High School.

Concerts this season include a February 28 concert at the Boston University Concert Hall by the Junior Repertory and Preparatory String Orchestras, and a March 25 performance at Symphony Hall by the Senior and Repertory Orchestras.

Boston University is the fourth largest independent university in the United States, with an enrollment of nearly 30,000 students in its 16 schools and colleges. The University's School for the Arts offers degrees in music, theatre arts, and visual arts.

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