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Friday, February 16, 2001


Chapter 61 land classification

To be classified as "forest land" under Chapter 61, a parcel must contain not less than ten contiguous acres in forest production and be certified by the state forester under a forest management plan.

Land is eligible for classification as "agricultural land" under Chapter 61A when it is primarily and directly used in raising animals for the purpose of selling such animals or a product derived from such animals in the regular course of business, or in preparing the animals or products for market. "Horticultural land" is land primarily and directly used in raising fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and other foods for human consumption, feed for animals, tobacco, flowers, sod, trees, nursery or greenhouse products, and ornamental plants and shrubs for the purpose of selling such products in the regular course of business, or for raising forest products under a certified forest management plan, or in preparing the products for market. To be classified under Chapter 61A, a parcel must contain at least five acres and gross sales from the agricultural products must be at least five hundred dollars.

Under Chapter 61B, land not less than five acres is considered "recreational land" if it is retained in substantially a natural, wild, or open condition or in a landscaped condition in such a manner as to allow to a significant extent the preservation of wildlife and other natural resources. Land not less than five acres is also deemed to be recreational land if it is devoted primarily to recreational use and does not materially interfere with the environmental benefits which are derived from the land, and is available to the general public or to members of a non-profit organization. "Recreational use" is limited to hiking, camping, nature study and observation, boating, golfing, non-commercial youth soccer, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, skiing, swimming, picnicking, private non-commercial flying, including hang gliding, archery and target shooting.

According to the most recent Open Space and Recreation Plan, in Carlisle there were 874 acres of land classified under Chapter 61, Chapter 61A or Chapter 61B as of April, 2000.

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