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Friday, February 16, 2001


How to use the land?

The acquisition of multiple use land was favored by the group, with conservation, recreation, schools and housing recognized as needs that a town purchase of land might address. Malcolm Meadows was cited as an example of multiple use land, with housing, recreation and conservation included in its use. Although land might still be purchased solely for conservation, as in completing a wildlife corridor, the group felt that land with a multiple usage potential would better serve the towns needs at this time.

The town will need to be proactive so that land that the town needs for its own uses will not be siphoned off by developers. While the group was reminded that much land in Carlisle has been conserved through conservation restrictions, rather than purchase. Members pointed out that as targeted parcels become available, they should be bought by the town. The Open Space and Recreation Plan prioritizing of available land was seen as a helpful step in identifying the parcels that would be of greatest use to the town.

Discussion of land acquisition inevitably briught up questions of funding of acquisitions. Joint funding has made some of the town's major acquisitions possible, e.g., the former O'Rourke property on Maple Street a recent example. Group members agreed with Greg Peterson that "You can't have those conversations (with landowners) unless you have a certain amount of money in a checkbook."

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