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Friday, February 16, 2001

Town groups work together

To the Editor:

In last week's article, "Selectmen speak...," two of our selectmen point out the need for a community center in Carlisle. While this discussion is relevant and the town would certainly benefit from a central gathering place, one should not overlook the efforts by town departments to work closely together, in spite of the absence of such a facility.

Mr. Ballantine notes, "that everyone has gone off in their own box and someone would have to bring the COA, RecCom, Extended Day and any other interested parties together." The Council on Aging and recreation commission continually plan programs together, share resources, and consult with each other in an effort to offer wonderful programs to people of all ages. In addition, the Carlisle School and various community groups such as the garden club and scout troops have all reached out to the council on aging, and worked on collaborative intergenerational programs. It should be recognized that even now, without a community center, individuals and groups in Carlisle are working effectively together.

Liz Jewell,
director, Council on Aging
Curve Street

Contributions to Open Table appreciated

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Youth Commission (CYC) would like to thank the middle school families who contributed so generously to the Open Table Food Pantry in Concord at this month's Friday Night Live food drive. We collected over 200 non-perishable food items. The Open Table appreciates your contributions.

The CYC encourages interested middle schoolers to look for additional opportunities to provide service to their community.

Many thanks to all.

Kathy Hassey
Carlisle Youth Commission

Library request should have been expected

To the Editor:

I was alarmed to read the Mosquito headline "Library asks for 27 percent increase over last year." Those of us who were at that FinCom meeting realize that the FY02 budget is not so much a request for increased funding as it is a budget based on the actual costs to be incurred during the first year of operation of the newly enlarged Gleason Public Library facility. The fact that last year's budget needs to be increased should come as no surprise. The citizens of Carlisle built a beautiful new facility and they seem to enjoy using it.

Please let members of the FinCom and your selectmen know how important funding for the library is to you and your family.

Teresa P. Kvietkauskas, president,
Friends of the Gleason Public Library

Participation appreciated

To the Editor:

Approximately 80 people participated in Municipal Planning Day last Saturday. We thank them for their time, thoughts, and commitment to Carlisle's future. This is part of what makes Carlisle a special community.

With much appreciation,
Carlisle's Municipal Land Committee
Mike Abend, Suzanne Whitney Smith, Jane Anderson, John Lee,
John Ballantine, Louise Hara,
Marty Galligan, Maureen Tarca,
Charlie Parker

Thanks to Daisy's Market

To the Editor:

The ticket committee for the seventh-grade play would like to thank Daisy's Market for being their "Ticketmaster" for the past few weeks.

"The Wizard of Oz" cast and parents appreciate the wonderful job the store does, selling the play's tickets and being one of the sources of information for the play. We'd like to thank them again for being such an integral part of the community.

Lisa Martini
Seventh-grade Ticket Committee

Bravo to the seventh grade play

To the Editor:

You will probably receive countless letters concerning the seventh-grade production of The "Wizard of Oz." I hope you will print as many as possible to show the young people of our town how much joy they brought to the families of Carlisle and all others in attendance.

No movie, Nintendo game or sporting event can equal (or even come close) to the sheer delight experienced by the audience. We heard deep guffaws from the seniors to high-pitched giggles of the toddler set and everything in between.

I, for one, wished it to never end. As I looked around during the standing ovation, I realized once again the uniqueness and community spirit that defines Carlisle and for that we can thank our seventh-grade class.

The effort and hard work really shone through as we were transported to Oz and back again. It was truly one of the most spectacular productions we've ever experienced.

Thank you to everyone involved. How about an encore presentation in the spring?

Jan Burke
West Street

Citrus Sale thanks

To the Editor:

On behalf of the seventy members of the Carlisle School's Senior Band, I would like to extend my appreciation to the Carlisle community, band members and their parents for their support during our fifth annual citrus fruit fundraising drive, Although our primary focus for the profits raised from this year's sale will be to help fund the band's trip to Washington, D.C. this May, a portion of the money will be used for student scholarships and to provide for school instrument repairs. Margie Zuk, the chairperson of the drive for the second year and "her committee of Joan Beauchamp, Tricia Reed, Paula von Kleydorff, and Mary Cheever again did a superb job of organizing students and parent helpers; double-checking forms; ordering the hundreds of boxes and bags of fresh fruit, and organizing the unloading of the tractor-trailer, as well as the delivery to all of our Carlisle neighbors. In addition, school administrators Andy Goyer, Eileen Riley, Davida Fox-Melanson, and David Flannery were actively involved and supportive throughout, while staff members Susan Pray, Richard Price, Dan Flannery, Andy Dyment, Denise Casper, Beverly Woolard, contributed much time and energy to the success of the project. Finally, Bill Brown, Carlisle resident and owner of the Minor Chord music store in Acton, once again helped to support the project with incentives for our students.

Thanks to all for a successful fund raising campaign!

Thomas O'Halloran
Director of Music

New holiday proposal

To the Editor:

Hello, I am James Davis. I would like to make a new holiday on February 18th. Please put this in the Mosquito. The name is "Children's' Day." If you do not have a kid, celebrate it with a child from another family.

Some ideas are a card, a present or just doing something nice. Just so it is fair, so that every person in a family can have a holiday for them.

James Davis
Seven years old

2001 The Carlisle Mosquito