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Friday, February 16, 2001

Those who nurture hope that Carlisle's pastoral landscape can be preserved to a degree through the ongoing residential boom received heartening news this week. While townsfolk were still rejoicing over the recent Benfield gift to the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF), confirmation came of a second extraordinary act of generosity, this time on the part of Janet Lovejoy and her family. ...more

A surcharge on taxes to provide funding for future town needs is under consideration by the Carlisle Selectmen. The Community Preservation Act, signed by the governor in November 2000, provides a mechanism for towns to raise money for conservation, historic preservation, and affordable housing. The sweetener is a pool of state money for distribution to towns participating in the program. ...more
It was literally standing room only in the Clark Room at Town Hall last Saturday morning, as over 80 residents crowded into the room for the opening talks of the Carlisle municipal land committee's (CMLC) first Municipal Planning Day. ...more

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