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Friday, February 9, 2001

Invitation/addenda from a selectman

To the Editor:

The municipal land committee invites all citizens to learn about our municipal needs over the next twenty years and to share with us ideas about shaping Carlisle's future. Join us on Municipal Planning Day at the Town Hall on Saturday, February 10, from 9 a.m. to noon.

I would also like to add to the informative portrait of the selectmen in the Mosquito last week. The article forgot to mention that I am a full-time entrepreneur and CFO in a Carlisle-based software endeavor in partnership with my wife, Ann. Needless to say, my life is full with academic responsibilities, early stage funding challenges and town volunteer activities.

Do join us on Saturday and share with us your concerns, excitement and ideas about the future of the town.

John Ballantine
Fiske Street

Can you ride with me?

To the Editor:

I cannot begin to tell you how proud I was to read the article in the paper on this date 2-2-01. I am so happy I live in such an anti-snowmobiling section of the Northeast.

I have snowmobiled for many thousands of miles and up to this day, I have not witnessed nor was I aware of the damage your article has implied. I myself would like to personally view this damage of the ground and its cover that these machines cause. It would be an education for me to compare it against the damage that the hikers, bikers, cross-country runners, and let us not forget the horseback riders cause during the other three seasons that this town seems to embrace. Look out cross-country skiers. You could be next!

Have you all forgotten the fact that the ground is frozen solid and most of the plant life is dormant? I in fact do not intend to run any sled I have, or will ever own, costing between $7,000 and $9,000 each, thru the brush on purpose. I also could not begin to tell you the amount of wildlife including moose, deer, foxes, etc. that I have seen on the trails. As a matter of fact, the wildlife would much rather take the path that these machines place versus "hoofin' it" on their own in heavy snow. Why is it that up north, the skiers also use these same trails as well as the hikers? I've seen them, they are called "mixed use trails." The winter should not be a time to hibernate like bears.

I only want to be brief but in closing, I must say that the Concord River as pictured, the Great Meadows/O'Rourke properties, as well as all of our conservation lands except Foss Field, must be really special lands to impose such extreme levels of fines and punishment. I can plainly see just who our tax dollars service from the seat of my machine both here in Carlisle (private) and far (thankfully) away.

Robert West
Clark Farm Road

Tribute to Jim Barron

To the Editor:

I note with a heavy heart the passing of James Barron, a wonderful, honest, thorough man. An experienced industrial plumber, Jim worked for and advised the town on civic projects. Long after he could present material himself, he provided data, maps and experiential notation to town boards and commissions and provided that the town's infrastructure would continue to function. He was recognized as an Honored Citizen in 1993.

One of Carlisle's Grand Old Men, Jim loved the town and worked with all his heart to make sure its "water in" and "water out"would continue to operate properly. Among the old- timers, Jim is still highly regarded and fondly remembered as a town activist long before the term was coined. Hats off to you, Jim.

Phyllis Hughes
Acton Street

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