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Friday, February 9, 2001


Carlisle Comments Seniors

It was with sadness and a sense of loss that I read about the death of Jim Barron in the paper. Sadness, because I believe that life is precious, but it is the sense of loss that I want to talk about.

I suppose that one could write a piece like this every five or ten years and it would be just as applicable. Every year we lose some of our senior citizens. That's just the way life is, but do we really stop to think about what these people were all aboutin particular, those who have served our community so well, so long ago that many of us either never knew about them, or have already forgotten them and their contributions.

Carlisle has been blessed by its citizens. Some have been recognized as our annual Most Honored Citizen, and then promptly put back on the shelf or nursing home and forgotten about. Many of these people made this town what it is todaysomething unique and well-planned. Theirs are the outstretched hands of people taking a turn, getting involved, trying to make this a better place without turning it into a glossy, artificial place that has no character at all.

Speaking of character, some of these oldtimers have become characters in their own right. They may be old, and can't remember what they had for breakfast this morning, or they may dress funny, but in their time, they stood up to be counted; they helped out; they tried to do the job themselves, and were very slow to pass the buck. They stayed for the long haul. Yes, their jobs let them stay here and not have to move on every five years. Still, when their kids are finished with our schools, and other job opportunities call, people can and do move on. Things are different now.

I think we can all learn a lesson from the lives of our seniors. Many may only have graduated from the school of hard knocks, while others have been to impressive schools and held impressive jobs. Fortunately for us, they seem to have had a good strong dose of old- fashioned common sense. We really owe them a large portion of gratitude. It's just too bad that we have to wait until they die to read it in the papers.

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