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Friday, February 2, 2001


The pleasures of snowmobiling on the Concord ...

Snowmobiling on the Concord River and the Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge can be dangerous to your pocketbook and even your freedom! Word from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officer David Nicely, who lives on the former O'Rourke property, indicates that the Service takes this illegal activity very seriously owing to potential destruction of vegetation and habitat.

The officer has the authority to issue a notice of violation, set a tough fine and/or confiscate the vehicle, depending on the circumstances. In most cases, if the perpetrator is cooperative and pays the fine as ordered, that is the end of it. However, if for any reason the matter goes to court, the penalty can run up to $5,000 and/or six months in jail.

In a telephone interview, Nicely noted that he would be talking to the police in Carlisle, Bedford and Billerica this week. If they apprehend a violator, they can either cite him or her for trespass or turn them over to him to be cited federally.

(Incidentally, it is also illegal to snowmobile on Carlisle conservation land, though the penalty may be somewhat less daunting.)

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