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Friday, February 2, 2001


$25K needed for new computers

Replacing obsolete computers should be like replacing old police cruisers; an expected part of the long-term capital requirements of the school, Burt Rubenstein told the Carlisle School Committee at their January 23 meeting. Rubenstein, co-chair of the Carlisle Technology Advisory Group (CTAG), explained that computers become obsolete after five years. The Carlisle school needs funding of at least $25,000 each year for the purchase of new computers to keep the school's fleet of computers up-to-date, he said.

Rubenstein gave a report on the progress of technology in the Carlisle School relative to state department of education benchmark standards. The school has an approved updated technology plan, a technology team including a technology integration specialist, a technology support person, teachers, administrators, parents and community members. The benchmark for access says there should be one computer for every five students. Currently Carlisle has one computer for every 13 students. There are 15 iMac computers with Internet capability and 46 older Macintosh computers. (In some classrooms, teachers make their own personal collection of relics available to students as well.)

While the state goal of four to five computers in every classroom has yet to be met, CTAG co-chair and CSC member David Dockterman said that his goal is to have at least one good [iMac] computer in every classroom. Currently there are 38 classrooms in grades Kindergarten to eight. Twenty-five thousand dollars would be enough to buy about 25 more iMac computers to satisfy that goal. Rubenstein stressed that the older computers need to be replaced on a regular basis and that the money to do that should be built into the budget as an ongoing expense.

Rubenstein noted that the Carlisle Education Foundation and the Carlisle School Association have both granted funds for the purchase of computers and related technology in the past, and thanked them for their support. As for state or federal funds, "When they are need-based, we don't get them," he said.

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