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Friday, February 2, 2001


Shorts from the school committee

· At their January 23 meeting the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) granted permission for the Carlisle Middle School Senior Band to travel to Maryland and Washington, D.C. from May 3 to 6. The band will be playing at a middle school in Delaware, on the Capitol steps in Washington, D.C. and possibly at an indoor location in Washington D.C. as well. Band director Tom O'Halloran said, "This is a terrific opportunity." Karen Morse is making the travel arrangements. The students will be travelling by bus and staying at a hotel in Baltimore. Morse assured CSC chair (and band parent) Paul Morrison that the hotel is in a safe area. O'Halloran noted that the Band's citrus fruit sale was very successful and the profit, expected to be around $7,000, would be used to help finance the trip and to make scholarship money available to those who need it.

· Principal Andre Goyer presented the recently released School Performance Rating Report from the state, based on the MCAS test. The report placed schools on a grid of performance versus improvement. The Carlisle eighth grade was the highest performing in the state and received a "very high" performance rating, but only "approached" the state-set improvement goal. "We're great. It's hard to get better," quipped CSC chair Paul Morrison. The Carlisle fourth grade was rated "high" for performance and "met" the improvement goal. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson commented that many schools that "failed to meet" their improvement goals were reported in the media to be failing schools, while in fact they were high-performing schools that did not improve as much as the state wanted.

· Suzanne Whitney Smith reported that as part of planning for a new school building, the school building committee has met with HKT architects to look at the site and discuss educational needs. Although they are still at the stage of "floating ideas," the general plan now includes a building that would house two preschool classes, kindergarten, and grades one and two, she said. The Banta Davis Land is the probable site. Whitney Smith reminded CSC members about the town-wide land planning day coming up on February 10 and urged them to attend.

· Carlisle teachers attend professional development classes and conferences throughout the year. Teachers Liz Gray, Daryl Greenwood and Debbie O'Halloran have put together a newsletter of professional activities through which teachers share with each other what they have learned. The systems mentors, Alan Ticotsky and Rob Quaden, also publish a newsletter giving reports of systems-related activities and offering help and courses to teachers. Fox-Melanson shared these newsletters with the CSC.

· This is a contract negotiation year for the Carlisle teachers. David Dockterman reported that the negotiations are in progress and would be discussed in executive session.

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