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Friday, February 2, 2001

Another view of the Snowball dance

To the Editor:

I would like to clarify a few statements that you made about the Carlisle SnowBall dance. I am a member of the Carlisle Middle School Student Council. We, the student council held this dance as an opportunity to let the students dress up for a dance. We made it very clear to the homeroom reps and students that dates were NOT required. If the students brought dates it was their own choice.

In regard to the corsages, there were very few. I believe less than four students received corsages. All of those students were in the sixth grade. It is very possible that the sixth-grade reps got the impression at one of the student council meetings that the Snowball was a prom-like dance and then reported it to their classmates.

The way the students dressed at the dance was mostly appropriate, but out of every school there are a couple of students who do not present themselves well. It is neither the school's fault or the student council's; it is the parents who give in and let them wear inappropriate dresses. Parents need to decide whether or not students' clothes are acceptable. At the dance most of the girl students either wore a holiday dress, a dress/skirt they had at home or went out and bought one. This dance did not require people to go out and buy dresses, just to wear ones they had, and again if parents didn't want them to buy a new dress, all they had to say was no.

I hope that in the years to come the student council will have a SnowBall for it was enjoyed greatly by many students. The dance was not a problem. The problem is that parents need to learn to say no.

Nicole Pedra
student council treasurer
Carlisle Middle School

ConsCom thanks Benfield

To the Editor:

Below is a letter sent on behalf of Carlisle's Conservation Commission to Mr. Benfield. The letter expresses our gratitude for his lasting gift of conservation to Carlisle residents. Please reprint this letter to inform Carlisle residents of the conservation commission's thoughts on this very generous gift.

Thank you.
Carolyn Kiely
Hartwell Road

Dear Mr. Benfield,

On behalf of the Carlisle Conservation Commission, I would like to officially recognize and thank you for your generous gift of 71 acres to the Carlisle Conservation Foundation. Your continued munificence to the Town of Carlisle and its citizens is a guiding beacon to others who might also contemplate similar acts of generosity as valuable open space becomes ever more scant. Your leadership by example in this area is significant and we will forever be guided by your inspiration.

Sincerely yours,
Carolyn Kiely, Chair
Carlisle Conservation Commission

Touched by Forum tribute

To the Editor:

Thank you to Claude von Roesgen for the beautiful tribute to his dog, Fikal. Our 13-year-old golden retriever passed away in late April, the day we left California to move to Carlisle, and she is missed every day still. Mr. Van Roesgen's piece describes the way we feel when reliving our time with Tory, a wonderful companion and friend.

Pam and Jerry Coletta
River Road

Dance was misrepresented

To the Editor:

The recent Mosquito editorial unfairly linked the Carlisle Snowflake Ball and the Concord Carlisle High School dances. The events could not have been more dissimilar.

My daughter, Katie, is an executive board member of the Carlisle Student Council. I witnessed firsthand the many hours of careful planning and implementation of a safe and festive evening reminiscent of the holiday soirees of yesteryear.

Throughout the planning process, full support was provided by school liaisons. Even the name "Snowflake Ball" was chosen to cross cultural boundaries during the holiday season.

Serving as volunteer photographer (165 Polaroid snapshots later) it was a joy to see the usually blue jean clad students in their "Sunday best." Model behavior seemed befitting of the occasion. I'd never heard so many "please" and "thank yous" at the refreshment table of prior dances.

Adolescence is about making choices. I welcomed the opportunity for my children to choose to attend (or not, as in my son's case) an event where they were encouraged to exercise social graces.

Perhaps these responsible young adults will serve as positive role models as they confront the challenges presented to them in the not so distant future at Concord Carlisle High School.

Suzanne Brown
Cutters Ridge Road

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