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Friday, February 2, 2001

The Carlisle Selectmen are responsible for setting goals, objectives and policies for the town, for providing oversight of the various town boards, and for granting final approval on plans for subdivisions and other major changes affecting the town. It is an important responsibility, requiring many hours of sometimes difficult negotiation to arrive at solutions which protect the town's interests. ...more

Following receipt of five engineering service proposals from firms interested in designing and overseeing repair of the 300-foot Greenough Dam, the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) decided to broaden negotiations with Stevens Associates Consulting Engineers (SACE). The need to renovate the 70-year-old man-made earthen structure or to contemplate the loss of the 21-acre pond behind it became obvious last fall following an inspection by the state Department of Environmental Management (DEM). Their report found the dam to be "in fair to poor condition" and recommended that the cited deficiencies be attended to "at your earliest opportunity." ...more

Gary Davis of the DPW was on hand at the January 23 selectmen's meeting to provide his comments on the cemetery policy document which is currently under review by the selectmen. This document will provide a consistent policy for lot ownership, interments, monuments and markers, and decoration of lots in the town-owned Green Cemetery. ...more

The signs are already there. Over the next 20 years, industrial growth will accelerate along the I-495 corridor, with corresponding pressure for residential development in communities sandwiched between Route 128 and I-495. Recognizing this reality, the Carlisle Municipal Land Committee (CMLC) has been asking the question, "What kind of community do we want Carlisle to be in the future, and how can we get there?" In preparing to answer this question, the committee has developed a preliminary vision for Carlisle in the year 2020, analyzed land needs to meet that vision, and identified land that is currently available, or potentially available in the future. However many strategic questions remain. ...more

As the Massachusetts Legislature moves into action in this new year, Senator Susan Fargo of the Fifth Middlesex District, which includes Carlisle, has filed legislation to protect consumers from telemarketers. ...more

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