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Friday, January 26, 2001


Animal Beat Carlisle barn inspections 2001

Sometime in the six weeks before April 15, all the farm animals in Carlisle will get their annual smile and nod from me. Everybody looked great last year. Clean or freshly rolled in the best of spring mud, all our Carlisle critters were content and well taken care of. That is what I hope to see again this spring, which will allow me to follow my real dream of helping animals all over live better, healthier lives through public education.

Over the course of my life, I have raised, owned, and/or managed beef and dairy cattle, all types of equines, birds, (from canaries to chickens), reptiles, fish and lots and lots of dogs. There are many ways to be a responsible owner, just as there are all styles of dress or parenting.

Occasionally, I would like to show-

case in the paper the concerns of residents in town who bring a subject or question to my attention. I can be reached most easily by email at or snail mail at Sally Lakness, Animal Inspector, Town of Carlisle.

I will leave you with the animal note I feel most strongly about. If ever you decide to pay money for a puppy, be sure that the puppy's mother was a beloved and well taken-care-of member of someone's family. See the puppy's mother. Over half of the pure and mixed-breed puppies sold are coming from puppy mills. Only if you meet a happy, healthy mother dog (dam) can you be sure you are not supporting cruelty.

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