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Friday, January 26, 2001

More praise for the police

To the Editor:

Hooray for Parkman Howe's recent Forum article "In Praise of the Carlisle Police." As a resident of this town for over 30 years and a former selectman, I have often had occasion to work with our police as well as to request their assistance. I have always been impressed by their professionalism, courtesy and what comes through as a true desire to help. The entire police force, and particularly Chief Galvin, have my gratitude and respect. Carlisle is truly fortunate.

Hal Sauer
Westford Street

COA thanks Girl Scouts

To the Editor:

The third graders in Girl Scout Troop 2638B recently completed a community service. The girls chose to reach out to some senior citizens in Carlisle. They boxed up cookies, attached personal notes and went out to deliver them. These girls made most valuable use of their time. The gesture was invaluable. Connecting the generations is very important and valuable to all involved.

Due to the great satisfaction the girls and the seniors realized, the Girl Scout troop is planning on staying connected to the seniors. A spring project is in the planning.

I would like to publicly thank the girls involved. They are: Amelia Barnett, Brooke Cragan, Alisha Deary, Katherine Hart, Katie Hendrickson, Grace Isaac, Daria Koehlert, Jennifer Perugini, Annie King, Katelin Schmitt and Cole Weaver. You have made a difference.

Susan Evans, outreach coordinator
Carlisle Council on Aging

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