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Friday, January 26, 2001


Carlisle Comments The things you see

Did you ever stop to think about the things you see, just in everyday life? One Friday afternoon while riding around Carlisle with Mrs. Johnson, we saw peacocks, wild turkeys, cattle, horses, beautiful foliage, people biking, people painting houses, ducks, geese, and lovely cloud formations. One of my favorites was a sign we saw from the boat that said, "Caution Dogs Swimming". To a person in the city these things may seem unusual, but to us it sometimes becomes ordinary. We rarely take time to appreciate what is all around us,

Sometimes we see rather strange things too. One morning there was a cow running down the road. Believe me, there is no sight like the back end of a cow running down the road. I have also seen beavers, upside down ducks in a pond, just two duck feet and a tail, as well as numerous deer, a moose, one bear. Also the usual raccoons, possums, skunks, rabbits, squirrels, etc. Do other people register these sights or are they too busy on their car phones, daydreaming, singing along with the music, or maybe even watching the road to become even further distracted.

We may not have billboards and Berma Shave signs to read along the highway, but there are plenty of caution-crossing signs. Cat Crossing, Dog, Stop, Slow, Curve, Hill, Moose, Deer, Blind or Deaf Child, Turtle, Ducks, Children, and sometimes even Railroad Crossing. You can buy almost any kind of cute or informational sign you can name. My favorite sign hangs in the kitchen of Woodman's in Essex. It says, "Hire a Teenager While He Still Knows Everything".

Here are a couple of other things I always seem to notice. One is whether or not the shutters on a house are on upside down or not; slats up - for me correct, or slats down. Look around, it runs about fifty-fifty. The other thing is the clock face on steeple clocks. I always check to see what kind of a four the clocks have. Whether they have a 1111 for me corrector an IV. I know the IV is a correct Roman numeral, but most of the old steeples have the four I's. I think this is to balance the VIII on the other side. Our old town clock originally had the four I's. Then a new clock face replaced the original, but with the IV. Today after yet another "face-lift," the clock is back to the four I's. I wonder if anyone else spotted this.

Not everything is seen from a car. One day while we were in Manchester-by-the-Sea, we saw a mouse crossing the street, right in the middle of the crosswalk. I wonder if he also observes stop lights. I can't even mention the "best forgotten" sights I saw out of my alley window when I lived in Boston, but we could have sold adult tickets.

Now here's a sight I hope never to see again. You know how some jeans have a leather patch on the waist stating waist size and length. Well, this man had W45 L30 blazing from his jeans. A woman would have cut that billboard off in a hurry.

Why don't we slow down for a minute and take time to smell the roses? There is so much to see around us, but we forget to pay any attention to it. Children will say. "Oh look, that cloud looks like an elephant!" When was the last time we looked for a shooting star, or even an elephant in the sky?

2001 The Carlisle Mosquito