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Friday, January 19, 2001


A man twice honored by his fellow citizens as "the father of town conservation" has added a gift of nearly inestimable value to the contributions that have preceded it. A. E. "Ben" Benfield, on December 29, granted a quitclaim deed on 71 acres of undeveloped woodland to the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF) to be devoted to "conservation purposes." Those purposes "may include hiking and other passive recreation," but only after expiration of the "life estate" which he reserved on the property during his lifetime. ...more

The Clark Room at the town hall was packed to capacity as educators, parents, selectmen, and interested citizens came to hear the Carlisle school administration and school committee present their FY 2002 budget to the finance committee on January 10. In a well planned presentation, supported by a 25-page document, school committee chair Paul Morrison, Carlisle school superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson and school business manager Eileen Riley rolled out a budget totaling $7,112,905, an 11.55 percent increase over the previous year. This represents an excess of $290,042 over the finance committee's 7 percent budget guideline. According to the school, the current guideline "would necessitate significant reductions in personnel and programs." ...more

A story in the December 22 Mosquito alerted the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) to the fact that representatives from the planning board and assessors office had accompanied town administrator Madonna McKenzie on a tour of four town-owned parcels being considered as possible cell tower sites. Subsequently, McKenzie told the board of selectmen at their December 11 meeting she believed town land behind Malcolm Meadows to be the most promising of the four possibilities. ...more

Alan Lehotsky of the Carlisle Housing Authority, and Tom Bilotta, a member of Carlisle Affordable Housing, Inc., discussed several options for affordable housing at the board of selectmen's meeting on January 9, in the hopes of "getting the support of the selectmen and other boards before we go to Town Meeting in the spring." ...more

· As the selectmen voted to open the warrant for Spring Town Meeting at their January 9 meeting, they enthusiastically endorsed a Town Meeting innovation suggested by Sarah Brophy, town moderator. In many towns, a "consent calendar" is presented which lists "all the little stuff that can be voted on at once." A member of the audience who wants to debate an item can ask to have it removed from the calendar. According to Brophy, this is an effective way of speeding votes on by-law changes and other routine matters that typically pass with no discussion. ...more

The United States Olympic Committee could learn a great deal from the sixth grade Olympic presentations scheduled the week of March 19th. Sixth grade teachers David Aronson, Jane Herrmann, Wendy Stack, Liz Perry, and Carolyn Platt have developed an interdisciplinary unit simulating the process determining the choice of which countries will hold the summer and winter Olympic games, which they described for the Carlisle school committee at their January 9 meeting. ...more

At its January 8 meeting the planning board reviewed a request by 17 residents of the Tall Pines subdivision for acceptance of three subdivision streets as public roadways. The continuing problem has been the numerous structures - stone walls, gateways, and other objects - that exist on multiple lots within the town's right of way. This issue has come up repeatedly as a primary obstacle to the final completion of the subdivision. ...more

The overview of the Fourth Grade Curriculum was a hot topic on the Carlisle school committee agenda January 9. Integrating the subjects of U.S. History, math, language arts, and science provides the basis of the curriculum for the sixty-seven students, divided into three classroom sections., according to fourth grade teacher s Gerry Madigan , Bill Gale , Karen Allred and Carolyn Wiseley. ...more

The Carlisle School social studies curriculum strives to balance ideas and deep understanding with the assimilation of basic facts, according to sixth grade Social Studies teacher Jane Herrmann at the January 9 Carlisle School Committee meeting. ...more

Addressing how the library/media has been integrated into the school curriculum, Library Media Specialist Sandy Kelly reported to the Carlisle School Committee at their January 9 meeting, saying that she was impressed with the cooperative learning and other developments at the Carlisle School. The culture of the school enables people to take risks, evaluate and work together. ...more

Ed. note: The following are excerpts from the January 10 letter to Ben Benfield from Art Milliken, on behalf of the Carlisle Conservation Foundation, acknowledging the generous gift of land. ...more

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