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Friday, January 19, 2001


Nancy and I have lived in Carlisle since 1969. We built a house on land we bought in 1965 near the Spencer Brook marsh at the corner of South Street and West Street. We have been watching the changing ecology of that part of Carlisle since 1965 both out of interest and because we were perforce part of it. We think that what we have observed is relevant to the question of mosquito control and, apparently, not well known. We would like to put our observations on record. ...more

For the past several years Kate Peterson and Megan Roberts have attended summer camp together. Something you might expect active young girls to do. But last summer these kids, now high school sophomores, camped out at Peterson's house, where in about two-weeks time, they learned how to create and design a website. Not exactly what you would expect of teens on vacation. ...more

If your woodland edge trees have gotten by just fine without you for 50 to 100 years why would you ever get involved now? Well, maybe you shouldn't. If the root systems were not messed with during construction and landscaping, your trees are probably fairly vigorous as a group. Sure, in this world there are always winners and losers but no doubt you have plenty of trees to spare. ...more

Darby Conley is a syndicated cartoonist and creator of the popular strip "Get Fuzzy," which is now read in over 200 newspapers worldwide, including the Boston Globe. ...more

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