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Friday, January 19, 2001


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee meeting

Addressing how the library/media has been integrated into the school curriculum, Library Media Specialist Sandy Kelly reported to the Carlisle School Committee at their January 9 meeting, saying that she was impressed with the cooperative learning and other developments at the Carlisle School. The culture of the school enables people to take risks, evaluate and work together.

The library teachers strive to have the students become confident using and accessing the library/media programs, as in the sixth grade Olympic unit. "What a teacher can do best for kids is to enable and empower them, because no one knows what they will be doing in 20 years," she added.

Kelly has also tried to place books on lower shelves, have attractive display areas, and to relate relevant books to current units of study. School Committee chair Paul Morrison thanked Kelly for her enthusiasm and investment in the cooperative learning process.

· Carlisle has been asked to support a bill for state reimbursement for repairs. The Town of Carlisle has not received reimbursement of monies from the state of Massachusetts owed for the small project to fix the roof of the Spalding Building. State representative Susan Fargo, with nine other legislators, has filed a bill "...requiring state reimbursement to cities and towns for completed, approved school maintenance/repair projects." A letter from Chair of the Framingham School Committee Pam Hulme to the Carlisle School Committee urges the committee to support this legislation, referred to as House Docket 1205. According to Hulme, "...since 1989, over 450 approved school construction projects (roofs, heating systems, handicapped access, etc.) have been awarded state funds through the School Building Assistance program, but communities have yet to be reimbursed by the state."

· Carlisle School music teacher Catherine Pringle is the recipient of a special grant from the Janet Peckham Foundation on behalf of the contributions she has made to the school community. The Foundation honors Carlisle resident Janet Peckham, who was the instrumental music director within the Carlisle Public School for 26 years retiring in 1983.

Pringle told the school committee that she would like to use the funds for the choral program, to purchase choral risers, back rails, a folder folio cabinet, folders, and sheet music. The school committee and superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson thanked Pringle for her contribution to the school.

· Discussing backpack size and weight, administrators and school committee members encourage students to use lockers instead of carrying everything on their backs. School committee member Nock said, "This training will be good for the high school where it will be impossible to put everything on one's back."

· Fox-Melanson summarized the questionnaire survey and a health curriculum being considered by the school health advisory committee. Questions arose among the school committee members about what material is appropriate for the children and what is appropriate for parents. At which grade level should material be introduced to the students, and should this material be included in a science or health curriculum? Chair Paul Morrison said the committee wants to see the material before it is handed out.

The questionnaire and survey will be brought before the school committee at the January 23 meeting, and no action will be taken on either the survey or curriculum until they are reviewed by the school committee.

· In other matters, a broken water pipe in the Spalding Building was quickly discovered by maintenance personnel and damage was contained.

Second grade teacher Heather Swift has asked for and was granted a maternity leave.

The eighth grade has made its visit to the Concord-Carlisle High School.

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