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Friday, January 19, 2001


Objects in the right-of-way obstruct approval of Tall Pines roadways

At its January 8 meeting the planning board reviewed a request by 17 residents of the Tall Pines subdivision for acceptance of three subdivision streets as public roadways. The continuing problem has been the numerous structures - stone walls, gateways, and other objects - that exist on multiple lots within the town's right of way. This issue has come up repeatedly as a primary obstacle to the final completion of the subdivision.

Town bylaws reserve a 50 foot right-of-way on town roads, which provides clear sight lines and space to avoid vehicles. If a road is built to plan, the right of way extends approximately 15 feet from the edge of the road.

Although the board members sympathized with the costs residents would incur in removing the structures, they agreed unanimously that public safety and liability cannot be compromised. Planning board administrator George Mansfield was asked to send a letter to the petitioners, describing the problem and listing the offending objects.

Laurel Way common driveway

A public hearing was opened on the petition of Theodore Treibeck and Deborah MacDonald for a special permit for a common driveway to access lots at the Laurel Way development at 138 East Street. The board expressed concern that the sharp angle of the driveway's intersection with East Street, inadequate turning radius, proximity of a telephone pole and steep grades at the entrance may create unsafe conditions, especially for emergency vehicles. Mansfield stated that the current plans had been forwarded to the fire and police chiefs, but so far neither has replied. The board encouraged further attention to improving the inside turning radius and widening the existing driveway.

The hearing will continue on February 12 at 7:45 p.m.

Grading plans for Hart Farm

Engineer Joe March of Stamsky and McNary and developer Michael Kenney represented the applicant in requesting the release of lots at Hart Farm Estates, off Curve Street. The board discussed concerns that a drainage plan has not yet been completed. Grading on one lot might alter drainage on a abutting lot. March was asked to prepare an overall drainage plan and identify potential problem areas prior to release of the lots.

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