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Friday, January 19, 2001


Students to select Olympic 2001 sites

The United States Olympic Committee could learn a great deal from the sixth grade Olympic presentations scheduled the week of March 19th. Sixth grade teachers David Aronson, Jane Herrmann, Wendy Stack, Liz Perry, and Carolyn Platt have developed an interdisciplinary unit simulating the process determining the choice of which countries will hold the summer and winter Olympic games, which they described for the Carlisle school committee at their January 9 meeting.

Sixth grade students in small groups are given a territory on which to base a presentation to the Olympic Committee. To prepare for the presentation the students learn folk tales of the various countries, which provide themes for the Olympic contests. The students make posters and a logo to attract visitors to the country and site, and plan for souvenirs based on the local folklore. They learn about the climate, culture and geography of the areas representing the continents, and the human environment. They determine the location of the harbor and of the city, and prepare a study of available accommodations for visitors as well as for the participants.

Other questions need to be answered. What is the history and the culture of the location to make it attractive for an Olympic site? What is the economic and political environment of the location will it be safe and appealing for visitors and participants? How will visitors be transported to the various locations and events? What types of food and restaurants are available to feed the travelers and participants?

Students learn the concepts of median and mean from an exercise plotting graphs of temperatures and precipitation for a one year period, and for the three week period of the actual games. A scale drawing must be drawn as well, illustrating one of the various stadiums, tracks or courses for the participants.

Once the written material has been prepared each group of four students prepares a speech and presentation, to convince a panel of judges from the faculty and administration, school committee, and residents of the town that their site is the perfect selection for the summer or winter Olympics. Resources from the school library/media center under the guidance of library/media specialist Sandy Kelly are available for the completion of these presentations.

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