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Friday, January 19, 2001


Shorts from the selectmen

· As the selectmen voted to open the warrant for Spring Town Meeting at their January 9 meeting, they enthusiastically endorsed a Town Meeting innovation suggested by Sarah Brophy, town moderator. In many towns, a "consent calendar" is presented which lists "all the little stuff that can be voted on at once." A member of the audience who wants to debate an item can ask to have it removed from the calendar. According to Brophy, this is an effective way of speeding votes on by-law changes and other routine matters that typically pass with no discussion.

· With the assumption that two nights would be required for annual Town Meeting, opinions were divided on whether consecutive nights or split nights were more convenient. Much discussion ensued on the impact of early in the week (Monday-Tuesday) or later (Wednesday-Thursday); early in May or later? What about a Saturday? Finally selectman Doug Stevenson persuaded the selectmen and moderator to follow the town's traditional schedule, which dictated a meeting early in the week, with consecutive nights if necessary. Since the first dates meeting those criteria are May 14 and 15, Town Meeting will be scheduled those nights.

· Treasurer/Tax Collector Ann Vandal reported that town debt at the beginning of the year is $11.2 million, not counting high school debt.

· According to Vandal, the cost of insurance for town employees (health, life, and Medicare) for 2002 is expected to rise to $457, 500, a 25 percent increase over 2001.

· "Cemetery regulations" have been approved by the Cemetery Commissioners for the Green Cemetery. Interment eligibility is restricted to current or former Carlisle residents, or family members of residents. Limitations on markers and plantings have been detailed. Copies will be available soon from town hall.

· Selectmen also appointed George Fardy of Rockland Road and Robert Eaton of Westford Street to the trails committee, replacing James Patrick and Judy Lane.

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