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Friday, January 19, 2001

CCF announces state reimbursement (see photo on page 1)

To the Editor:

This Tuesday, the Town of Carlisle received $320,000 from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in exchange for granting a permanent Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) on the Hutchins & Robbins (formerly known as Wang-Coombs) Fields along Curve and Fiske Streets.

The APR ensures that these historic and scenic fields will remain open and usable for agriculture. Passive recreational uses that do not interfere with the agricultural operations will be permitted. The trails committee has already made plans for pathways that will connect from the edge of the Tall Pines neighborhood, across Hutchins and Robbins, to the Hart Land and from there on to the Cranberry Bog and Great Brook State Park.

When Town Meeting approved the Hutchins & Robbins purchase in April 1999, state reimbursement was a hope but not a guarantee. Many people worked to make sure the grant would come through, and faster than expected.

We all owe thanks to Mark Duffy, John Dalton, and former ConsCom Administrator Katrina Proctor for putting together the original grant application. Chris Chisholm of the Commonwealth Department of Food and Agriculture guided the entire process. In recent months, new arrivals to Town Hall, Administrator Madonna McKenzie and ConsCom Administrator Sylvia Willard shepherded the transaction through to the end.

Most of all, thanks to all the citizens of Carlisle who stepped up to preserve both the aesthetic and productive use of this land.

Wayne H. Davis
Vice President, Carlisle Conservation Foundatio

Thanks to the EMTs

To the Editor:

We wish to thank the professionals of our Carlisle EMT unit and support staff who responded so quickly and professionally to our request for their assistance on December 23. It was reassuring to see familiar faces and a comfort to know we were in such capable hands.

You all make a great team!

With sincere thanks from the Cleveland family
Indian Hill

Christmas party thanks

To the Editor:

Cold weather and black ice kept many of you home the evening of the Partners for Youth with Disability fundraiser. I would like to thank the brave souls who ventured out and so generously contributed to this wonderful cause: Warren Belgard, the Luther family, the Acquaviva family, the Ojemann family, the Kiely and Spotts family, the Wilkes family, the Balboni family, the Friedman and Schmidt family, the Koning family, the Hofmann family, the Anton family, the Ratcliff family, the Marchese family, the Lin family and the Hankey family. Also thank you to our corporate sponsors,Dr. Gregory Sopel and Northeast Offset, Inc.

If you would still like to contribute, please send your check to PYD, c/o P.O. Box 560, Carlisle, MA 01741.

Happy New Year.

Sam Coursey
Westford Street

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