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Friday, January 19, 2001

STATE REIMBURSEMENT. ConsCom administrator Sylvia Willard (left) presents a check for $320,000 to treasurer/tax collector Ann Vandal. The money represents state reimbursement involving Hutchins and Robbins fields. See letter. (photo: Rik Pierce)

The Clark Room at the town hall was packed to capacity as educators, parents, selectmen, and interested citizens came to hear the Carlisle school administration and school committee present their FY 2002 budget to the finance committee on January 10. In a well planned presentation, supported by a 25-page document, school committee chair Paul Morrison, Carlisle school superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson and school business manager Eileen Riley rolled out a budget totaling $7,112,905, an 11.55 percent increase over the previous year. This represents an excess of $290,042 over the finance committee's 7 percent budget guideline. According to the school, the current guideline "would necessitate significant reductions in personnel and programs." ...more

A man twice honored by his fellow citizens as "the father of town conservation" has added a gift of nearly inestimable value to the contributions that have preceded it. A. E. "Ben" Benfield, on December 29, granted a quitclaim deed on 71 acres of undeveloped woodland to the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF) to be devoted to "conservation purposes." Those purposes "may include hiking and other passive recreation," but only after expiration of the "life estate" which he reserved on the property during his lifetime. ...more


Darby Conley is a syndicated cartoonist and creator of the popular strip "Get Fuzzy," which is now read in over 200 newspapers worldwide, including the Boston Globe. ...more

A story in the December 22 Mosquito alerted the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) to the fact that representatives from the planning board and assessors office had accompanied town administrator Madonna McKenzie on a tour of four town-owned parcels being considered as possible cell tower sites. Subsequently, McKenzie told the board of selectmen at their December 11 meeting she believed town land behind Malcolm Meadows to be the most promising of the four possibilities. ...more

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