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Friday, January 19, 2001


Malcolm Meadows ruled off-limits for cell towers

A story in the December 22 Mosquito alerted the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) to the fact that representatives from the planning board and assessors office had accompanied town administrator Madonna McKenzie on a tour of four town-owned parcels being considered as possible cell tower sites. Subsequently, McKenzie told the board of selectmen at their December 11 meeting she believed town land behind Malcolm Meadows to be the most promising of the four possibilities.

Since a majority of conservation commission members were not in their present positions at the time the Malcolm Meadows purchase was negotiated, a search of the files was undertaken to unearth the terms of the agreements signed in 1996. The results appeared to show that any further development beyond the existing senior housing community, its driveway and a parking lot for historic Two Rod Road Trail would run counter to the deeds and commitments made at that time.

Although the land in question was not bought with any state funds, it was designated as the "Open Space Parcel required under the Malcolm Meadows Senior Residential Open Space Community approved by the planning board. It is in an area intended for passive recreation and is managed by ConsCom.

At its January 11 meeting commission chair Carolyn Kiely emphasized that she is not opposed to looking at proposals for use of lands under ConsCom jurisdiction and considering them for use on an individual basis. However, in this case, the usage appeared to her to be illegal. Commissioner Jonathan Beakley agreed that, "We want to be team players, but this seems to be impossible."

The commissioners decided to send copies of the "self-explanatory" Malcolm Land documents to the town administrator and planning board. A cover letter would also suggest that, "From now on, when considering action on the use of conservation land, you include the commission from the beginning."

Greenough Dam repair proposals

Reporting for the Greenough Dam Pond subcommittee, Commissioner Christine Gaulden noted receipt of four proposals for engineering services. The commission foresees a major project to repair the man-made dam that holds back the waters of Page Brook to form the pond. The state Department of Environmental Management inspected the dam back in October and found it to be "in fair to poor condition." It was on their strong recommendation that the subcommittee asked for engineering proposals to remedy the deficiencies. The subcommittee that includes Gaulden, committeeman Eric Jensen and Willard was empowered to choose a preferred bidder from those received to date and report at the next meeting.

Boundaries defined

The commission acknowledged a letter from Joseph March of Stamski and McNary informing them that additional monumentation has been installed to demarcate the town's open space parcel at Buttrick Woods. The developer, Habiteck had been asked to delineate the boundary more clearly to discourage incursions from privately owned lots.

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