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Friday, January 12, 2001


My Wish for Tomorrow

The Mosquito asked second grade teacher Linda Clark to tell us about 'My Wish for Tomorrow' project that has been part of the second grade curriculum at the Carlisle School.

The theme of world peace and tolerance resonates throughout the year in our second-grade curriculum. All of our children learn about being a good friend and solving problems peacefully in September. They learn about the United Nations and celebrate characters in literature such as Ferdinand the Bull or real heroes such as Martin Luther King and Johnny Appleseed. Learning to be peacemakers goes hand in hand with our school-wide goal of inclusion and civility. Our Open Circle curriculum teaches social competence, including tolerance and non-violent problem solving. In the book, 'My Wish for Tomorrow' published in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations, children around the world were asked what their wishes, hopes and dreams were for a better future. I posed this question to my class as a homework assignment, and then they illustrated their ideas in class. It is through the freshness and simplicity of their vision that we as adults can focus on what is truly important.

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