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Friday, January 12, 2001


Last week the Carlisle School library became an exhibit space for the eighth-graders' Civil War museum convention. Parents were invited to learn about many aspects of the Civil War while touring exhibits that the students had created. Fourth-grade students and teachers also visited as they are studying the Civil War too.

Students researched a Civil War topic that they found interesting. They then created an imaginary museum that would teach others what they had learned. Museums on Civil War battles, generals, food, medicine, transportation and unsung heroes were among those displayed. Social Studies teacher Donna Heidemann and librarian Sandy Kelly developed the research project and helped the students find resourcesboth traditional and electronic.

In addition to learning about their topics, the students also came up with marketing ideas to attract visitors to their exhibits and to their museums. Food, including home-baked cookies, was a popular enticement to get visitors to stop at the booths. Some students had developed computer displays and Web sites as well.

Visitors were impressed with the quality of the exhibits. The students had clearly learned much about their chosen topics and seemed to enjoy showing off their knowledge.

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