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Friday, January 12, 2001


News from MAGIC towns

Regional news is compiled from comments at meetings of MAGIC (Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination) where town representatives report on major issues in their respective towns.

· Acton continues to be concerned with two proposed malls. The first, Andrew's Crossing, is across from Donelan's on 2A in Littleton. The second is the Brookside Mall, just west of Pope Road on 2A. In both cases, the predominant issue is the impact of these developments on the already crowded 2A, and by extension, on traffic flow at the Concord rotary.

· Boxborough has spent 52 million dollars for high school expansion and renovation. This was accomplished by an override vote. In 30 days, Boxborough will have its first comprehensive housing permit. This has created a need for a housing board and this board has been established. Development of the Cisco Systems campus continues to dominate news in the town. The company has sited its headquarters in Boxborough. Cisco has opened its first building, has two under construction and three going through the planning board. The town has installed its first traffic light.

· Burlington (not a member of MAGIC) reported that Sun Microsystems is building the second of four buildings. These buildings feed into Route 62 and the Middlesex Turnpike.

· Concord reports an elementary and middle school project and a 22 million dollar project at the high school. The town is also planning a 22 to 44 million dollar wastewater project.

· Hanscom. The FAA "is leaning on Hanscom," according to a local reporter. One of the runways is not long enough and needs to be lengthened to sustain projected traffic. The proposed solution is to move the mini-artery leading into Hanscom south of Virginia Avenue. This is not being well received locally and discussions continue.

· Lexington is concerned that although the FAA cut slots overall at Hanscom, Shuttle America slots have increased. Lexington has also been in court over the Christmas display on the Green. The creche was not approved because of a provision that there be no unattended structures on the Green.

· Lincoln has a resolution for a Lincoln/Sudbury high school bond.

· Littleton town government has begun an employee compensation program. They are also dealing with teacher negotiations, and working with Cisco Systems on proposed changes to the plan of a building on Route 119.

· Maynard has zoning issues with the Clocktower Place property, specifically with plans for a garage for 1700 cars and an office building. The neighborhood is concerned about parking. The Clocktower Place expansion has been scaled down to 300,000 square feet. The impact of existing Clocktower activity can be seen in the greatly increased downtown traffic between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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