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Friday, January 12, 2001


High School renovation project delayed for one year

After reviewing projected needs and available or "stretchable" resources, the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee decided to delay renovations at the high school for one year.

Superintendent Ed Mavragis said that after consulting with maintenance and grounds personnel it was determined that the roof is in reasonable condition and probably could survive until 2004.

Further investigation revealed that while space is cramped, accommodations could be made. A one-year delay, to 2004, is possible, according to Principal Elaine DiCicco. By 2002 it may be necessary to use a cafeteria part-time for study hall and portable classrooms may be needed. There may have to be changes in lunch schedules and some rooms currently being used for other purposes may have to be converted into classrooms. It is possible that more classrooms could be shared. She also pointed out that "There will be complaints and mumbling and grumbling and some people will be unhappy."

Committee member Fred Wersan expressed reservations about delaying renovations. He suggested that planning should begin right away, that to wait would only waste time. Member Nicholas Michael responded that so much will be put forward on the Warrants for Town Meetings this year that adding the renovations might be asking too much from the communities. However, planning can and should go forward. Chair Lauren Walters suggested that a new building committee, with expanded membership, should be appointed. Member Nancy McJennett wanted to know if more alternatives were needed. Walters responded that rather than more alternatives, timing or phasing might be discussed and priorities set.

FY 2002 budget proposal

The proposed budget for level services is mostly complete, with some fine-tuning and minor alterations expected. With a projected increase of 71 students for next year, 80% of the increase in the proposed budget deals with staffing and staff-related expenses. The level-services budget looks to preserve class size and maintain the existing student/teacher ratio.

Lauren Walters observed that the television camera was absent "yet again", while important issues were being discussed.

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