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Friday, December 15, 2000


Shorts from the ConsCom

The conservation commission heard three Notices of Intent to build and one Request for Determination of Applicability at their December 7 meeting.

· John Libby of Meadowbrook Road, represented by Stamski and McNary engineer Joseph March, received approval for a 12 x 15 foot kitchen addition and removal of two trees that present a hazard to his children. He also reported carting out some of a 40-year accumulation of brush deposited in the nearby wetland by the former owner. The commission agreed that further cleanup of the oldest material would probably do more harm than good. The standard order of conditions to be followed during construction of the addition included a proviso that the stumps of the two trees be ground down and left in place.

· Also represented by March were Pat and Jeff Burke. Faced with a failed septic system, the Autumn Lane couple needed approval of a new system only 40 feet from the wetland at its closest point. March easily convinced the commissioners that no alternative solution was possible on that lot, and a standard order was issued.

· Carl Hay of Brook Street spoke for himself in seeking to replace a failed septic system. The old facility was located within a mere 20 feet of the wetland. His plan to re-route the plumbing in a tight lot represented some improvement over the old situation and was approved.

· A Request for Determination of Applicability from Mathew Hamor of Bedford Road produced a "negative determination," which means that he does not have to file a Notice of Intent. His plan to install a perimeter drain to stop periodic flooding of his basement will require some grading within 40 feet of a wetland, but because the wetland is across the street and is itself the source of some of the water, he was given a green light.

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