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Friday, December 15, 2000


Longer-day kindergarten praised by parents, teachers

Kindergarten teacher Peter Darasz summarized the results of the kindergarten pilot program survey sent to the 81 kindergarten parents last month, at the December 5 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee. Most responses were very positive. In addition, five kindergarten teachers Mimi Chandler, Suzanne Comeau, Peter Darasz, Sandy Jeitles and Karen Morse expressed their strong approval of the current kindergarten schedule.

"Three half days of school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and two full days on Tuesday and Thursday mean the kindergarten program is more relaxed and utilizes longer, less interrupted blocks of time," said Morse. "The schedule for the year is more consistent and appreciated by parents, students and teachers." The report of the kindergarten team strongly recommends that the current schedule be continued for the 2001-2002 year.

The schedule, Morse continued, allows five year olds to adjust to the school and bus schedule sooner. Classes become more cohesive earlier. The longer days allow more time for special subjects, snacks and recess. Not having the change of schedule after the winter break, as happened last year, has eliminated a second adjustment period for the children. Comeau agreed, "The pace is more manageable and relaxing. The kids and the teachers don't feel as rushed."

CSC member Nock wondered whether the longer days were asking five year olds to do too much. "There have been some complaints of tired children," she said.

Chandler responded that all the teachers were very respectful of the need for "down-time." With more hours in the program, activities can be more spread out and relaxed. The teachers are not trying to "cram more stuff into the curriculum."

Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said, "The year has started off very well for the kindergartners. The school will make a final report at the end of the year."

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