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Friday, December 15, 2000


Board of Appeals approves expansion of Sunset Road home

The board of appeals, at their December 7 meeting, approved a special permit for the addition of a second floor to the two bedroom Sunset Road home of J.J. and Amy Supple. The couple presented plans to reconfigure and more than double their current living space.

Several variances were required for this project. The house is on a non-conforming lot of less than two acres, and sits less than the required 40 feet from the street. In addition, the expansion exceeds the 50% limit for house enlargement. Although the footprint of the house will remain the same, according to the plan the living space will be enlarged by 65%.

The petition was supported by three letters from abutters who approved of the Supples' project. A fourth abutter voiced concerns that the height of the expanded house will intrude on their view and privacy.

After some speculation on the rationale for the 50% expansion limit, which the board admitted they did not fully understand, the decision to approve the plan was unanimous. In the past the board has approved expansions greater than 50% for very small houses with small rooms that do not meet today's perception of adequate room size. For example, one of the existing Supple bedrooms is only 9x9 feet.

Judith Yarow contributed to this article.

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