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Friday, December 15, 2000


The Mosquito had a party

We had a Party! All of us working on the Mosquito were invited to a Mosquito staff appreciation party on Sunday. It's that time of year when the production staff, the photographers, the reporters and the Mosquito board get a chance to "rub shoulders," chat informally and celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. It's also our way of saying "thank you" for all the long hours and hard work that people have put into the newspaper over the past year.

The December staff party became known for its lively conversation, good food, and the opportunity to match the names that appear in the newspaper with the faces that gather around the punchbowl and buffet table. Over the years we've enjoyed the warm hospitality of Lyn Stuart on School Street, John Ballantine on Fiske Street and Mary Hult on Audubon Lane.

This year's party was no different. Members of the Mosquito board were asked to bring "a spouse or significant other and favorite hors d'oevres or dessert." Each year we look forward to another cup of our late editor Kay Kumala's festive Finnish Glögg, made in recent years by CCI Vice President Lyn Stuart, Sarah Hart's mocha brownie torte, Marjorie Johnson's blue cheese stuffed mushrooms and all the other holiday favorites. As in years past, there was no need to worry about preparing a meal Sunday night when returning home.

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