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Friday, December 8, 2000


On Thursday, November 16, Carlisle eighth graders went to the Corey exercise room for a performance sponsored by the Cultural Enrichment Program, part of the Carlisle School Association. The program, "Through the Eyes of a Friend," lets the actor step into a character and interact with a corresponding video tape. The New York actress Heidi Utus portrayed Sarah Weiss, a fictional composite of friends that Anne Frank actually knew. ...more

Profile: George Romanski

Technical individuals usually aren't known for communications expertise or for being particularly funny. George Romanski proves the exception. This fall he won two local humorous speech contests with a talk about his epistolary exchange with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). ...more

I started my holiday shopping early this year. On the last mild weekend in November, I set out right after breakfast for a grand sweep of my Back Bay neighborhood buying scented soaps, costume jewelry, cassettes and T-shirts. I ran into a friend who was eating a bagel on Newbury Street and we compared purchases. ...more

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