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Friday, December 8, 2000


Shorts from the board of health

The board approved the following septic plans:

· 178 Brook Street - repair. The board approved a waiver of the distance from the tank to the wetland of 84 feet and tank to well of 80 feet instead 100 feet. The engineer commented that the new design uses a monolithic tank which is less subject to leaking than the older tongue and groove tanks.

· 394 East Riding Drive - repair. The board approved the repair design.

· 384 Autumn Lane - repair. The board approved waivers for a tank to wetland distance of 69 feet and pump chamber to wetland distance of 62 feet. This allows gravity feed for the system.

· 148 Pheasant Hill. The board extended the November 30 deadline to December 15. The system is built too high due to a mistake in the survey which set a benchmark 1.5 feet too high. As it presently stands, the system will cut off water run-off.

· 514 Westford Street. The owner has a failed system, and the buyer wants to tear down the house after the system is repaired and build a new structure. The system design was approved, but the new house was not encouraged because the room count was too high to be a four-bedroom house.

The board voted to allow the agent to act for it in cases of minor modifications instead of having the plans resubmitted to an official board meeting. Waivers and other policy matters will still come before the board.

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