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Friday, December 8, 2000


Expired septic permit delays new home occupancy

A new construction on lot 4, Hutchins Road, in the Tall Pines subdivision off Curve Street presented the board of health with a unanticipated dilemma at their November 28 meeting. The permit for the septic system had expired, but no one discovered this until the system was substantially completed. The original permit was granted in 1995 prior to the state enactment of the new Title 5 rules, so by law, the system should be redesigned and replaced with a new one which meets the current standards.

How did this happen? Installation of the system approved in 1995 could not be started until the fall of 1998 because of permitting delays at the Tall Pines subdivision. In the fall of 1998 a one-year extension was granted which expired on November 7, 1999. State policy says that no further extensions can be granted. Installation of the system was started in the fall of 1999 but could not be completed by the November 30 board of health deadline. The system was covered up for the winter months, but by the spring the plastic cover had blown off and the system had become contaminated. In addition, the original septic installer had disappeared and a new installer had to be found.

The rules state that the system, once started, has to be completed in 90 days. The board regularly gives builders an extension until March when they run into the November 30 deadline. This means that the system should have been completed by May 2000. However,the builder said he was confused, thinking that the foundation had to be in place first and the system was a repair.

Board of health engineer Rob Fredo had inspected the system in August 2000 and rejected it because the installer had put some pipes in backwards. The permit expiration was discovered when Fredo was called to inspect the new system this month. The builder, with a new owner ready to move in, was looking for some way to resolve the situation. The board agreed to let Fredo do the final inspection and let the installer cover up the system. Then it will be the builder's responsibility to go to the DEP for a waiver to complete occupancy requirements.

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