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Friday, December 8, 2000


Eighth graders meet Anne Frank and friends

On Thursday, November 16, Carlisle eighth graders went to the Corey exercise room for a performance sponsored by the Cultural Enrichment Program, part of the Carlisle School Association. The program, "Through the Eyes of a Friend," lets the actor step into a character and interact with a corresponding video tape. The New York actress Heidi Utus portrayed Sarah Weiss, a fictional composite of friends that Anne Frank actually knew.

Anne Frank was among the one-and-a-half million Jews between the ages of nine and fifteen who were killed during WWII in German concentration camps. Ms. Utus' presentation showed how Jews were treated, being forced to wear a Jewish star badge on the outside of all clothing. Once they were in the camps, they were branded with a number that would never go away. The audience could feel the horror of the labor camps where Nazis shaved the prisoners' heads, took away their jewelry, pried gold teeth from their mouths, and treated them like animals in general.

Based on Anne Frank's diary, the presentation was a powerful portrait of Anne and her friend Sarah, who did live through the Holocaust. Ms. Utus' excellent acting taught many things to the class of 2001, many things that will be hard to forget.

The following students contributed to this article: Katie Brown, Elizabeth Cheever, Cheryl Davis, Sanjay Trehan and Jenny Zuk.

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