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Friday, November 24, 2000

To the Editor:

I enjoyed reading Bob Rothenberg's article about Fast Internet Access in the latest issue of the Mosquito. I would like to add my comments about another option not mentioned, which has been available in Carlisle or anywhere for at least 3 years. This is the DirecPC (no "t") satellite system. "Cable modems appear only in affluent ZIP codes, and DSL connections in the wild only slightly outnumber white tigers."(PC Magazine, August27, 1998). So evidently, although we can be considered an affluent ZIP, we are "in the wild" or at least on "rutted rural cart path" access-wise.

This system requires a "PCI card" installed on your existing PC (not a new computer as with the Radio Shack system) and a small antenna mounted with a view of the southern horizon. There is no Macintosh installation available at present, but a PC connection can be shared with a Mac using a "proxy server". This Hughes system can also include their DirectTV service to replace cable TV. Technically speaking this system uses a modem uplink (56 Kbps) and satellite downlink (400 Kbps), but the actual download speed goes up to 600 Kbps, 4 times faster than ISDN. I have found this system very reliable, reasonably priced and adequate for all my needs, like downloading software files up to 10's of megabytes.

My son and I did the installation ourselves about 2.5 years ago, but this can be tricky up on the roof with a compass, inclinometer, and viewing the signal strength meter on the computer monitor to point the dish. Installation by others is available and all the details can be learned at www. direcp!g. com

Happy in Carlisle with a high speed link,

Ron Holsinger
Old East Street

Senator Susan Fargo thanks supporters

To the Editor:

I deeply appreciate, and am honored by, your electing me to serve a third term in the Massachusetts State Senate. Your support and many congratulations have been heartwarming and humbling. "Promises kept" was the theme of the campaign, and I pledge to serve you with hard work and my best efforts over the next two years.

As your Senator I will listen to your concerns, your ideas, and suggestions for improving our quality of life. The ten communities that I represent are diverse and replete with caring and compassionate citizens. I stand prepared to assist all constituents who seek my help. As a candidate, my campaign encouraged voters to consider important issues that require deliberation and resolution. As your Senator my mission is to ensure that our government is responsive and accountable to you.

Thanks also go to all those who supported my campaign with their contributions and volunteer efforts. So many of you gave unstintingly of your time to have coffees, help with mailings, make phone calls, hold signs and to assist with the myriad tasks involved in a campaign.

My staff and I remain committed to helping you with legislative matters and constituent concerns. Please feel free to contact me at Room 504, the State House, Boston, MA 02133 or call 617-722-1572. You can also reach me by fax, 617-722-1119 or by e-mail, I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on the issues before us.

Again, I thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve you. As Benjamin Franklin said, "To know is to act, to act is to care, and to care is to have the chance to make a difference."

Senator Susan Fargo
Fifth Middlesex

Football workday a success

To the Editor:

On Saturday November 18, the Friends of Concord-Carlisle Football held its annual fall cleanup fund-raiser. We are happy to report that it was a success. This year, we were dealt a blow by Mother Nature as it rained hard the week before, causing us to reschedule. We wish to thank the community for its strong support and patience. Those of you who helped in any and every way made our job easier and most fulfilling. We thank the Divino family who opened their home and hosted lunch for the players. To our volunteer drivers, parents, friends and neighbors, we again say thank you. It is your support of the Friends of Football's major fundraisers that helps keep alive a vibrant and fun-filled football program here in Concord and Carlisle.

Paula Casey, Ellen Leavitt
Workday coordinators

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