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Friday, November 24, 2000

This is the story of the cat who adopted us ten years ago. During an early summer thunderstorm, my husband and I found him bawling in a tree outside our apartment in Chestnut Hill, a scruffy orange-striped kitten more put out than petrified. I was a little surprised when he ventured down the tree at my urging. I say surprised because I claim no rapport with cats; I admire them but, since I am also allergic to them, I have learned that it is better to maintain a respectful distance. So when this fellow crawled down amid the thunder to sit calmly in my arms, I'll admit I felt a little flattered, but I was fully determined to offer him shelter only for the duration of the storm. But as this kitten strode into our apartment, curled up next to our long-suffering mutt Molly, and even allowed her to wash his ears in a motherly fashion, it dawned on me that, like it or not, we had been adopted by a cat. ...more

The planning board approved a lower age limit of 55 and changes in building space requirements for the Malcolm Meadows senior housing complex. In a separate action at their November 13 meeting, the board voted to recommend the site plan for the Congregational Church expansion, sending it to the board of selectmen, the permitting authority for the project. ...more

As three more plans for lots in the Hart Farm Estates conservation cluster off Curve Street were added to the four approved at public hearings on November 9, conservation commission misgivings became increasingly evident. Several lots in the development extend into the 100-foot state-mandated wetlands buffer zone, where activities must be supervised by the local conservation commission. At their November 16 session, the commission approved two lot plans and continued the public hearing on a third to December 7. ...more

Two separate groups targeted Carlisle last weekend and damaged a total of 8 mailboxes and 4 cars. Three of the cars had windows smashed. Police Chief David Galvin said one of the groups responsible has been identified and as a result 3 Carlisle teenagers, all under 17, will be summonsed to the District Court in Concord to appear before a juvenile judge. ...more

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