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Friday, November 24, 2000


Golf team gives their best

When I first came to CCHS, I was worried about the new surroundings and if I was going to make the golf team. Once I made the golf team, it made me less nervous and helped me settle into my new school.

This year the Dual County League established new rules for keeping score. There is now a point system instead of match play. Each member of the team contributes to the total points for the team. There are 16 matches in the golf season. If your team wins eight or more matches, you are eligible to qualify for the state championship for your division. In the qualifying round the three teams with the best scores go on to the state finals.

Our season went well. We had a record of 9 and 7 overall. We had a few close matches between Bedford, Lincoln-Sudbury and Westford. Our coach, John Thoren, was very pleased with our play. Because we had nine wins we went on to the state qualifying round. The top six people on our team played. Our team missed qualifying for the state finals by just two strokes. We were all disappointed but knew that we gave it our best effort. On the bus during the ride home our coach shook our hands and congratulated us on a job well done. Unlike other teams in the division, only one of our top eight players is graduating. Our prospects for next year are great.

The moment I remember the most is the last match. I was ranked seventh on the team and knew I needed to beat the sixth player on the team by a good margin. I played well and earned the right to play on the qualifying team for the state championship in our division. Although it wasn't the best round of my season, it was good enough and showed me that I could compete under pressure.

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